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Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer



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The vehicle industry has been changing within the recent decades and more electric-motor driving vehicles (PHEV/EV) began to show up on the roads along with more charging stations. The increasing markets now require the EV charging system developers to have powerful diagnostic tools for system developments and upgrades.

The Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer is a tool developed to analyze the data communicated through wires and it is fully compliant with the HPGP specifications. The Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer is capable of monitoring all data transmitted between EVSE and EV while it is also portable and user-friendly. It provides flexible PLC and Ethernet connectors and four customizable LED indicators for diagnosis.

The Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer supports PWM signal detection. The sniffer measures the frequency, duty cycle and voltage of the IEC61851 control pilot. Developers can use VS_MME to get PWM statistics and the WireShark plug-in to parse the PWM VS_MME. With Vertexcom GreenPHY solutions, the Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer can further calibrate the PSD of the transmitted signal anywhere.

    The Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer offers the following functions.
  • HPGP packet sniffing (up to layer 2)
  • PWM signal detection, including:
    ➢ Frequency (Hz)
    ➢ Duty cycle (%)
    ➢ Voltage level (mV)



  • The sniffer can overhead and decrypt all PLC (L2) traffic for system verification, monitoring and debugging.
  • The sniffer can monitor the IEC61851 CP signal.
  • Wireshark tool is ready for ISO15118 message interpolation and system status monitoring.
  • The sniffer can calibrate the TX PSD (for Vertexcom solution ONLY)
  • The sniffer is built for using in garage or car for on road test/debug purpose.


  • Power Supply: DC 6V ~ 48V
  • Power Consumption: Average:1440mW /48V
  • Size with Case: 112 (w) x 38 (H) x 88 (D) mm
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to +70℃
  • Connectors:
    PLC interface: BNC, MQS
    Ethernet interface: RJ-45, MQS
    Power interface: MQS, DC jack (on-board only)
  • Cable/Plug: MQS plug wired with banana connectors
  • LEDs:
    4 LED indicators (Red*1, Green*3) with customizable functions
  • Startup time:
    From power-on to push first packet out: <6s/8s (in forced/ auto-negotiation Ethernet mode)
  • Features
    Compliant with HomePlug Green PHY specification v1.1
    MPDU / MSDU sniffing
    PWM detection (configurable):
    ➢ Frequency (Hz)
    ➢ Duty Cycle (%)
    ➢ Voltage (mV)
    PSD calibration (Vertexcom GreenPHY solution only)
  • Management Interface
    HomePlug AV generic and vendor-specific Management Message Entries (VS_MMEs)
  • Tools
    ➢ WireShark plugin to parse PWM related VS_MMEs
    ➢ Vertexcom Toolkit (Tulum): Support configuration settings and firmware updates



Screenshot of Sniffer Capture


Transmission PSD (After Calibration)


Package Content


Unit price: USD 6000.
Vertexcom GreenPHY Sniffer


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