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    Customized RF Coaxial Cable
(Cable, Adapter , Connector provider)

Part-Number RPSMA female-IPX plug-8CM-1.13 cable     Dimension


RF-Cable Adapter part-number and product name example:
RF21008A    RPSMA female-IPX plug-8CM-1.13 cable
RF11150D    SMA female-IPX plug-150CM-RG178 cable-Water-Proof
RF33150C    SMA-Extension-150CM-RG174 cable-Magnet-Seat
RF28200A-FC  RPSMA female-MMCX plug-200CM-1.13 cable with Ferrite-Core
RFXX008B-YY  OEM project. –XX (Conn Code), –YY (OEM Code)
Connector Cable Length & Type Connector
Part Number: RF11008A

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